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A Masterclass In How To Become Your Own Graphic Designer And Start Branding Your Business Like A Pro


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Having the freedom to create original, creative AND on-brand images, that enhance everything you do online from social media to your next product launch is something that can literally transform your business.

Brand Authority

Canva Intelligence is a step-by-step way to using Canva to help you create all sorts of powerful and attractive online image essentials and content to help you, your business and your brand stand out online.

Easy To Follow

Eeverything you need to create your own branded images for you and your business. Plus I'm also revealing my top tips, tools & resources that speed up the process and make it easy for you to create social media updates in minutes.

Here's What You'll Learn

Canva Intelligence literally gives you the keys to be able to produce high quality images for everything you need to do in your business. From social media updates, to Ebook covers, blog headers, Facebook covers, Pinterest images and more.

Building A Business Online Seems Such An Easy Thing To Do Right?

Get a domain name, build a WordPress website add an ecommerce shop and tah-dah! you are in business.

Two BIG confusing, frustrating hurdles stand in your way.

1. The technical hurdles of setting up your WordPress website.

2. The design hurdles of how to turn that template into your dream business.

The crazy thing is that whilst you can outsource hurdle number 1 to a website designer, hurdle number 2 will hold you back in more ways than you could ever imagine right now.

Images are everywhere and everything right now.

Whether it is static images, gifs or video we are all consuming more images today than ever before.

Here's where Canva Intelligence can help you get one step ahead of your competition and give you the tools, know-how, tips, tools and all the best resources to transform how you brand everything you do online.


How To Create High Quality Social Media Updates

Create motivational quotes, positive affirmations, tips and thought leadership images that help you stand out online and build your brand, build awareness for your business and drive traffic to your website, blog or online store.

How To Create Desktop Scenes Like This

Lifestyle Bloggers, female entrepreneurs love the femine look of proudly being an entrepreneur with vision. Today's passion for working from home in a stylish, well organised and beautiful office helps your brand resonate with this audience.

How To Create Amazing Pins

Tall pins work best on PInterest and inside Canva Intelligence I'll show the easiest way to make one image and rework it into several different sizes to repurpose on other social media platforms. Pinterest is one of the best you can possibly use.

How To Create Free Report & Ebook Covers

If you are building your business online you will know the importance of Lead Magnets, Opt In Offers, Freebies and Content Upgrades. Make yours stand out using this great little online tool that creates these covers in minutes.

How To Create Blog Post Images & Sliders

Blogging for your business is your primary way to drive traffic to your website. It's great for search engine optimization and captures the imagination of your visitors. Adding in attractive feature images to your blog posts catch people's attention on social media and drives traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to your website.

How To Create YouTube Channel Art & Thumbnails

YouTube is the world's second largest search engine. We tend to search on Google first, then search for a video on something. So setting up your YouTube Channel is something you might want to think about as a valuable addition to your business.

How To Create Eye-Catching Powerpoint Presentations

Gone are the days when PowerPoint presentations were boring whiteboard presentations in the Corporate world, today's demand for online workshops, webinars and live events means they are a must-have in any digital based presentation of your business, products or services today.

How To Create Facebook Ad Images

Facebook is still the world's #1 social media platform where 2 billion people spend around 20-45 minutes of their day every day. Facebook also offers some of the most cost effective ways of reaching your ideal clients and potential customers using many of their advertising campaigns and features. Canva is the perfect tool to help you create images that attract people's attention in their Newsfeeds.

Are You Ready To Unleash The Graphic Designer In You?

I have created Canva Intelligence as a step-by-step way to using Canva to help you create all sorts of powerful and attractive online image essentials and content to help you stand out online.

The way I have set out this Canva Masterclass is with a series of 10-15 minute videos (over an hour and a half of training in total) that detail everything you need to create your own branded images (like the examples shown above) for you and your business. 

Everything you need to start branding your business like a pro!

A smart investment at just ...



*Digital Products Notice*

*IMPORTANT* Please note this is a digital product and is therefore sold as a non returnable non refundable product. What is included is detailed above and you will receive detailed step-by-step video training and workbooks on how to create a Facebook marketing strategy for your business page.  You will also have access to my Facebook Group for added support.

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Director, Talk To Media

"Thank you so much Diane, I have learned so much and will review everything a few times. You are a gem for helping us""

Donna Gater Johnson

"Thanks Diane, Really enjoying learning all these tools and love creating my own posts"

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