Facebook Marketing Power Hour

Learn How To Grow More Engagement On Your Facebook Business Page In The Next 60 Minutes Than You'll Do At Any Free Class Or Webinar

If You've Not "Got" Facebook Marketing For Your Business Before Don't Worry There Is No Danger Of This Information Going Straight Over Your Head!

  • How To Use Your Facebook Page To Build Your Brand More Effectively Helpful Real-Life Examples And Results Businesses Just Like Yours Are Achieving
  • The Easiest Way To Get Started And Stay Committed To The Process
  • Simple Facebook Adverts To Grow Your Page
  • How And When To Use The Facebook Boost Post Feature
  • *Includes My Unique 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge (The Quickest And Easiest Way To Create The Right Content)
  • Group Coaching Style Tips Inside Our Designated Facebook Group During The 30 Day Challenge
  • Free 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge Workbook To Help You Get The Most Out Of The Challenge And The Power Hour Training!
  • 60 Minutes Of Pure Content Designed To Give Your Total Clarity About Building Your Business With Your Facebook Page

The Facebook Power Hour is exactly what we would do for your business if we came into your office and spent an hour with you discussing how you can manage your social meeting in less than 40 minutes a day.

We'll explain the basics of your Facebook Business page, what type of content to create and WHY and how to increase that all important ENGAGEMENT on your page.

Facebook is a RELATIONSHIP platform and Facebook is focused on making sure their end users experience is a good one (which is why you don't want to wade in to a social media platform with heavy boots on - you'll be shown the door on your way out)

So we have created BOTH a series of 15-20 minute videos that take you from clueless to clued up about Facebook for your business AND we've included our popular 30 Day Facebook Challenge with daily tips, tools and motivation to make sure you get the most out of this unique Facebook marketing class.

Inside This Eclass You Will Learn:-

In Part One: You'll discover WHAT TO DO DAILY on your Facebook page

In Part Two:  I’m Going To Share With You How To:-

  • Say goodbye to all that anxiety and learn WHAT TO SAY on your Facebook page
  • Discover the only 3 types of posts you’ll EVER need to create & why.
  • Learn my #1 tip for easy content creation that will come to rescue on days inspiration simply isn’t striking!

In Part Three : Discover How To Promote Your "Stuff" Without It Being OTT!

  • Learn an easy way to create an interesting blend of topics.
  • Discover how to add in your promotional offers without going OTT!
  • What to do if you make a mistake (people worry so much about doing something wrong!) FEAR NOT.
  • How to make something that is UNIQUE to you in minutes per day that your Facebook followers will love

In Part 4: Learn How to get started with Facebook adverts without it breaking the bank!

  • The ONLY 2 strategies you need to focus on to start getting more page likes and driving more traffic to your website.
  • How to create your first target audience (in ways that will surprise you)
  • How to create simple adverts to get your campaigns off the ground by this weekend

**Plus You WillAlso Get Accesss To My 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge!

The 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge is a unique and dynamic way to FOCUS you on getting comfortable with posting more of the RIGHT type of content (that your audience will be more likely to SHARE and CONNECT with).

Plus I'll be on hand inside the Facebook Group to help you, encourage you and share some examples that we've used to build successful Facebook pages in several different niches.

We've seen some real "AHA moments!" from inside the Facebook Group as members find out they really CAN do things they never knew they could until the took up the challenge.

Plus we see more people losing ALL their FEARS of Facebook as they grasp a much better understanding about building their brand and their business on Facebook.

This training will INSPIRE you to think very differently about your Facebook page and how it makes everything else you do online so much easier. You'll walk away more confident, focused on what you need to do next and with a step-by-step guide to creating your uniqe Facebook content marketing plan.

Facebook Marketing Power Hour

Join Me On A Facebook Marketing Power Hour That Will Take You From Clueless To Clued Up About Facebook Marketing For Your Business In the Next 60 Minutes *

Let me show you all sorts of easy ways you can use your Facebook page to build your brand and start generating warm, highly targeted leads for YOUR business without it taking over your life and spending hours and hours a day on social media. This 60 minute virtual online class will take you from clueless to clued up and raring to go within the next 60 Minutes. *No fluff, no half an hour intro, no sales pitches, just straight forward action steps you can start today to start growing your business more confidently on Facebook.

$47.00 USD